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We want your experience to be as seamless as possible. Healthcare Travelers Take... is hosted by Travel Healthcare Leaders from Scrub Squad 1978, Gypsy Soul Villas, Highway Hypodermics, and Wanderlust.  Questions? Simply reach out.

Scrub Sqaud 1978

A non-profit, comprehensive website dedicated to the fun side of Travel Healthcare: the adventures! Breweries, wineries, natural attractions highlight the site full of travel healthcare information including agencies, quality resources, fitness, housing, a blog, and much MORE!

Gypsy Soul Villas

Gypsy Soul is located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Arkansas on 20 acres. It is a place to call home, a place to go between assignments, a place to keep your belongings.  It is a permanent home. We host a Float Trip every year and hope to do more events in the future.  Arkansas is a compact state and the cost of living is low. We are 30 minutes from Harrison, AR to the west and 30 minutes from Mt Home, AR to the east.  There are hospitals in both towns if you want to do per diem work there between assignments. They also both use travelers. The home is pet friendly, so your furbabies are welcome.  We offer mail forwarding and will do mail scanning in the near future.

Since 2003, it has been the mission of Highway Hypodermics® to provide quality and up to date information to travel nurses around the world, and provide them with the roadmap to discover and live the adventure of a lifetime. 

It is our mission to bridge the gap between traveling nurses and travel nurse recruiting companies, and be a trusted resource for anyone looking to become, or is currently a practicing travel nurse.


This group is a positive, encouraging, uplifting forum where nurses, allied health professionals and recruiters can have healthy discussions together. It is also where respect is the number one rule and there are no Ads/Spamming allowed. This group has a unique dynamic where we encourage all forms healthcare travelers to engage in learning, show off their travel experiences, and allows you to share your Blogs/Vlogs! Happy Travels!

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