Recruiter of the Year

Kayla Cash

Kayla Cash is a Lead Staffing Manager, with independently-owned, OneStaff Medical based in Omaha, NE. She’s experienced in recruiting both 1st time travel RNs and Experienced Travelers alike, Kayla strives to make the recruitment process as efficient, educational and positive as possible. Priding herself as a mentor to travelers for what can at times feel like an overwhelming process, during onboarding, Kayla is well-known for her compassion and coaching throughout that inevitable journey in any traveler’s life. Kayla truly understands that her efforts impact the daily lives of her travelers, and that will trickle down to their patients and patients’ families alike. It’s that type of thought process that keeps her passion for the industry so strong day in and day out. Kayla says that she loves working for a unique agency, large enough to have an abundance of job openings to keep travelers working, but still small enough to easily maintain and nurture that crucial partnership between traveler and recruiter. It fuels her ability to ensure that each individual is taken care of, as they should be, based on their own dreams, goals and bucket list items; because, let’s be real, travelers all have their own “why?” on what drives them to be a traveling nurse and what makes recruiting fun is the ability to tap into and help drive those dreams and ambitions so it becomes a win-win partnership. Her own travelers will attest that they appreciate her integrity, transparency and compassion and that they love the open communication throughout the application process, onboarding and working portion of the contract. She believes that alongside her colleagues, they deliver a top-notch candidate experience whether hired or not. When Kayla’s not recruiting, she’s likely cuddling her pack of dogs, enjoying the outdoors, patio drinks with friends or binge-watching the latest Netflix or HBO sensations. 

If Kayla is the type of recruiter (and OneStaff sounds like the type of agency) you feel is the ideal fit for your travels, feel free to email Kayla directly at She’d love to connect with you and see where she could help you also level up your travel experience.

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