Plan Your Day

Plan Your Day

July 26, 2020

09:00 Second Annual Scrub Squad 1978 Charity Golf Outing 

1500-1700Newbie Knowledge Class
1800 Unofficial Meet and Greet Hosted by Moxie Mentoring and Furnished Finder

July 27, 2020

0630-1100 Breakfast for hotel guests
0800 Booths Open

0845 Welcome and Introductions
09:00 Destination Hawaii- Joanie Reneer, Medical Staffing Solutions 
0945  Bill Rate Breakdown- Terry Merlin
1030- Rich Smith, Atlas Medsatff
1115 Booths Open
12:15 Lunch

1330 Keynote Speaker- Nicole Thomas

1500- Taxes- Donna Robinson- Travel Tax

1545- Break

1600 Kathryn Mullins, BSN, RN, Clinical Operations Manager, trustaff- Agency Support from Home Base
1645-CEO Panel

July 28, 2020

0630-1100 Breakfast for hotel guests

0800 Booths Open

0830 Self Defense- Toccoa Consulting
0915 Recruiter Panel
1000 Are You Ready to be a Traveler? Erica Harvitt, OT

1045 Booths Open
1215 Lunch

1330 Jason Dailey, Primetime Healthcare- How to Navigate the MSP/VMS world
1415- Becoming a Clinician Entrepreneur- MK Bryan

1500- Break

1515 Keynote Speaker- Katie Duke

1645  Awards and Prizes

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